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This section last updated on 25th November 2015

Pacific cod in the eastern North Pacific are distributed from the Pacific Rim and southward to Southern California (Gustafson 2000). Pacific cod belonging to this “North American” stock group (Grant et al. 1987) have been understood to be more genetically homogeneous relative to their western North Pacific counterpart, known as the “Asian” stock group. Significant migration of Pacific cod is known to occur within and between the Eastern Bering Sea (EBS), Aleutian Islands (AI) and Gulf of Alaska (GOA) regions. However, a body of research performed since Grant et al.’s 1987 analysis indicates that genetically distinct stocks do exist in the EBS and the AI region (Thompson 2014). Beginning in 2013, these two stocks have been assessed independently (Thompson 2013; Thompson and Palsson 2013), and Pacific Cod in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) are no longer managed as a single unit. For the time being, the BSAI stocks are still considered under a single FishSource profile group. There is an additional Alaskan profile group for Pacific cod in the Gulf of Alaska . There are also commercially managed fisheries in Canada in Hecate Straight , Queen Charlotte Sound , and the West Coast of Vancouver Island .

For Pacific cod in the western North Pacific, see Asian stock group profiles: Eastern Honshu , Hokkaido, Karaginsky, Petropavlovsk-Komondor , W Bering Sea , and Yellow Sea.

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Gadus macrocephalus

Pacific cod

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