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Atlantic chub mackerel - North Atlantic Feed-small

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This section last updated on 20th August 2015

A unique stock in the North Atlantic is here considered, in accordance with Zardoya et al. (2004) that recognizes a panmictic population with gene flow between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean; however Costa et al. (2011) ponder the existence of different stock units along the Eastern Atlantic.
Based on the complete and partial mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences (Infante et al, 2007; Catanese et al, 2010), the Atlantic chub mackerel Scomber colias is considered a distinct species of Chub mackerel Scomber japonicus which is distributed along the Pacific Ocean.

European Union

FAO 27 (Atlantic, Northeast), FAO 37 (Mediterranean and Black Sea), FAO 34 (Atlantic, Eastern Central)

Seine nets (not specified), Surrounding nets with purse lines (purse seines)


Scomber colias

Atlantic chub mackerel

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